The Nature District of Ringkøbing

Strandkanten Lilla Engblomster

Ringkøbings new nature district

Naturbydelen is a unique residential district on the West Coast of Denmark. It offers attractive residences in the middle of a beautiful natural area, close to the medieval town centre of Ringkøbing and with a panoramic view of Ringkøbing Fjord.

Untraditionally, the former agricultural area was transformed into a recreational area with woods, lakes, meadows, a fruit grove, berry orchards, roads, paths, and activity places have been established before the first houses were build.

In the next 2-3 years, a mix of rental apartments, condominiums and a housing collective for senior citizens (50 years +) will be built with a total of 128 residences.

Strandkanten 6


Get a panoramic view of Ringkøbing Fjord! Choose between condominiums in one or two floors and varying sizes between 84-150 m2. Private balcony or terraces. Direct access to nature. Blocks with 2-4 condominums in each are build when half of the apartments in a block have been sold.

  • Condominiums
  • Family friendly
  • Senior friendly
  • Sea view

32 condominiums

84 - 150 m2

Moving in date: Continously



80 rental apartments in a public housing complex varying in size between 80-115 m2. Very low heat an electricity consumption due to the socalled "passive house" building concept. Private balcony og terraces. Sign up and apply for an apartment through Ringkøbing-Skjern housing association.

  • Rental apartments
  • Energy efficient
  • For all

80 rental apartments

80-115 m2

Available from: 1 October 2021

Seniorbofællesskab I Naturbydelen I Ringkøbing


Housing collective for people 50 years+. 14 rental apartments varying in size between 50 - 120 m2. Attractive common facilities like a library/lounge, workshop, green house, kitchen, loundry room and guest room. In the middle of nature and with a view of the Fjord.

  • Rental apartments
  • Housing collective
  • For active people 50 years+

14 rental apartments

50 - 120 m2

Available from: Continously

  • Strandkanten Web Condominiums with panoramic with of Ringkøbing Fjord. EDC Ringkøbing
  • Fjordudsigten Pressefoto 1 Soeren Palmelund Web Rental apartments with direct access to nature Søren Palmelund
  • Havtorn-Fællesplads Housing collective for everyone 50 years old + Kontraframe for AART
  • Naturbydelen Blåbærhave The blue berry garden in the Nature District Astrid Dalum
  • Naturbydelen Skærehave The flower graden in the Nature District Astrid Dalum
  • 200623 SPP 4287 The big lake and the tugboat in the Nature District Jørn Deleuran
  • Naturbydelen Æblehave The apple orchard in the Nature District Astrid Dalum
  • Naturbydelenlegeplads 4 Medium The playground in the Nature District Jørn Deleuran
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Project Director 41 76 14 50
Michael Guldager - Projektleder - Kommunikation - Naturbydelen Ringkøbing K
Michael Guldager
Project Manager 21 25 53 89
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Louise Jonsson
Project Manager, Communications 40 40 36 33
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Team Leader, Communications 40 42 86 96