The Nature District of Ringkøbing

Attractive homes in the middle of a beautiful nature area by the fjord and close to the medieval town of Ringkøbing
Strandkanten Lilla Engblomster

Ringkøbings new nature district

Naturbydelen is a unique residential district on the West Coast of Denmark. It offers attractive residences in the middle of a beautiful natural area, close to the medieval town centre of Ringkøbing and with a panoramic view of Ringkøbing Fjord.

Untraditionally, the former agricultural area was transformed into a recreational area with woods, lakes, meadows, a fruit grove, berry orchards, roads, paths, and activity places have been established before the first houses were build.

In the next 2-3 years, a mix of apartments and a housing collective for senior citizens (50 years +) will be built with a total of 139 residences.

The project covers an area of 84 hectares towards the fjord. In total, 1000 homes can be built over a period of 30 years.

Anne Mette
Anne Mette Rahbæk
Project Director (temp.) 23 47 04 56
Ann Hein - Chefkonsulent - Naturbydelen Ringkøbing K
Ann Hein
Chief Advisor 23 70 53 93
Louise Jonsson
Louise Jonsson
Project Manager, Communications 40 40 36 33
Peder Lind Pedersen
Team Leader, Communications 40 42 86 96
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